Aussie Chiller Hat-Camel

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If you or a loved one just loves getting out in the summer heat to enjoy a round of golf, our Aussie Chiller hats may just be the perfect piece of apparel. These Chiller hats are uniquely designed to hold cold water throughout the day to keep golfers cool on even the hottest days. They are one hundred percent washable and crushable. An Aussie Chiller hat will keep its wearer breezy until the hat is completely dry, and then it is as easy as dousing the perforated hat a second time to keep it feeling cool all day long.

Our Aussie Chiller Bushie perforated hats will help prevent those unsightly sweat stains that can develop on expensive golf shirts. Golfers simply don't understand how great their game can be until they try the Chiller hat just once

  • Our Best Selling Hat!

  • Soft Wireless Brim, Holds Its Shape

  • Excellent Ventilation

  • Ultra Light

  • Soft, Rich

  • Washable, Crushable