Evolve Epoch Tee Mix Pack (40)


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Comes with thirty 3 1/4 inch tees and ten 1 1/2 inch tees.

How much difference can Evolve Golf’s Epoch golf tee make? independent testing has shown that the patented, Tour-proven Epoch provides greater total distance and accuracy than competing products. Just ask any of the more than 100 tour professionals that have won playing the Epoch. Or ask any of the more than 1,000 golf clubs that have swapped their wood tees with the Epoch.

The reason is the radial posts of the Epoch tee. They span the width of your ball’s dimple, creating a dramatically lower coefficient of friction between the ball and the tee, and eliminating deflection. The results? Lower spin, greater control, greater speed, and longer distance.

The value of one tee in your pocket

Playing with the Epoch is more than performance for your game, it’s performance for the planet. Because 1 Epoch per round saves about 6 wood tees per round. Multiply that by 900 million rounds played per year globally, and that amounts to about 5.4 billion wood tees a year. With 20k wood tees per tree, that means that about 270,000 trees are cut down per year.

Since we started, Evolve Golf has sold more than 300 Million Epoch tees, ridding tee boxes of more than 1.8 Billion wood tees and leaving 90,000 trees to stand proud. And we’re just getting started!