Shot Scope L2 Rangefinder


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Quick and fastTarget-lock vibration

The new and improved Rapid-fire detection helps you lock on to a target instantly followed by sending a short pulse vibration to give you confidence that you have hit the desired location.

Most golfers find locking on to an object with a rangefinder difficult if they have shaky hands. The x6 magnification and Target-lock technology built inside the PRO L2 make it quick and easy to hit any target on the golf course.

Adaptive Slopetechnology

Adaptive Slope technology accurately adjusts to your distance, taking the up and down elevations into account, to allow for better club selection.

On PRO L2 flick the switch to turn slope on or off making the rangefinder tournament legal.

Strong and durablebuilt-in cart magnet

The built-in magnet secures the rangefinder to any golf cart or magnetic surface effortlessly. You can be sure that your rangefinder is never going to drop with the powerful integrated technology.

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is designed with a full rubber anti-slip grip for enhanced durability and comfort.

700 yard rangeand a x6 zoom

The 700 yard range is more than enough distance to hit everything you ever need on those long Par 5’s.

Paired with x6 magnification the lens will magnify your target 6 times, making a flag 150 yards away look as clear as a flag only 25 yards away!

Secure and durablecarry case

Designed and built with quality materials making the PRO L2 a durable and long lasting laser.

Give your PRO L2 a safe home by storing it in the tough and water resistant Shot Scope branded carry case protecting your rangefinder from any minor bumps and falls.